Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles

These pages outline the Vision, including Goals and Priorities, and its seven Guiding Principles. Combined, they form the blueprint for MIT’s future of IT planning, linking the Vision to a strategy that best supports the needs of faculty, students, and staff today and in the future.

MIT's 2020 IT Vision

MIT’s 2020 IT Vision has two complementary and mutually supporting elements: IT excellence through modernization and a strategic focus on enabling members of the MIT community to innovate IT services in response to the diverse needs of their respective research, education, student life, and administrative functions.  

  • IT services will be packaged for intuitive, mobile, self-service use by faculty, students, and staff.
  • Faculty will be able to easily and securely leverage open APIs and data to create new services and platforms for teaching and research.
  • Students will be able to easily and securely leverage open APIs and data to create new applications and sites by properly using institutional data that can be made available to them.
  • DLCs and administrative units with suitable capability will be able to quickly, securely, and independently create new services and platforms that address their specific needs, and they will have easier access to essential institutional data.
  • DLCs and administrative units in need of greater assistance from IS&T will be better served by IS&T’s enhanced capacity – capacity freed-up by adoption of open APIs and data access tools, modern “platform-based” infrastructure, and “agile” software development methodologies.
  • Individual members of MIT’s extended and increasingly global community will be able to easily create new data and applications that could be shared with others.
  • IS&T will have greater capacity for supporting innovation, and will be better equipped to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Institute-wide needs of the schools and central units.

Transformation of IT@MIT