Background: Key Reports, 2009-2012

Since 2009, several IT evaluations and reports were conducted at MIT. Three key reports were carefully reviewed and the associated recommendations and learnings were incorporated into the Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles document.

Institute-wide Planning Task Force IT@MIT Working Group Final Report (2009)
(MIT certificate required to view report)

This document summarizes the results of the IT@MIT Working Group, which was a subset of MIT's Institute-wide Planning Task Force. The results are based on interviews at MIT with various groups that use IT, advice from IT experts, information provided by IS&T, and the personal knowledge of members of the working group. Key findings from the report include:

  • Standardization
  • User-centered IT systems
  • Outsourcing
  • Streamline operations for IT at MIT
  • Streamline the governance and organizational structures for IT at MIT
  • Innovation and strategic advantage
  • Cultural change

EVPT Questionnaire and Trend Reports (2011)

In October 2011, Israel Ruiz was appointed as Executive Vice President and Treasurer (EVPT). As part of his research and data gathering efforts, he posed a series of visionary questions to each EVPT area.

IS&T staff may view the questions and trends here:

IS&T Advisory Council Report (2012)
(MIT certificate required, report viewable by IS&T staff only)

In August 2012, Israel Ruiz initiated the first in a series of advisory groups to be launched for the EVPT areas, in the tradition of the MIT Visiting Committee Structure. The IS&T Advisory Council was comprised of key leaders who brought diverse experiences in university and industry settings to the conversation.

The final recommendations of the Council included:

  1. Rationalize IT services across the Institute.
  2. Appoint a Vice President of Operations.
  3. Adopt a set of guiding principles.
  4. Develop a well-articulated technology strategy.
  5. Develop a plan to retain and attract top talent.
  6. Consider reducing or eliminating fees for service.