Transforming IT@MIT


IT@MIT is undergoing a multi-year transformation, with a goal of creating a mature IT ecosystem that provides the MIT community with enhanced support for higher-velocity innovation.

The process currently underway has its roots in the findings and recommendations of several evaluations that took place between 2009 and 2012. These key reports were incorporated into the goals and guiding principles that formed MIT's 2020 IT Vision, which was drafted, revised, and approved in 2014.

Upon adoption of the Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles in May 2014, attention turned to planning the transformation of IT@MIT to realize the vision. At the conclusion of this planning phase, John Charles, Vice President for Information Systems and Technology, announced the implementation of the transformation would begin with IS&T adopting a new operating model and organizational structure.

IS&T is now working with MIT’s IT Governance Committee to explore and develop updated governance and funding models to sustain the transformation of IT@MIT.

Key reports, presentations, and updates on the process of the ongoing transformation are shared periodically on this site.